Vacuum Burner

Ambi-Rad manufactures a complete range of high efficiency, environmentally friendly energy saving heating systems to recognized and approved standards across the world. Extensive commitment to product research and development and active participation on technical committees in the industry ensures Ambi-Rad meets the rigorous technical standards of an evolving global heating market.

Through continuous product development and technology, Ambi-Rad has assembled a large array of radiant heating systems to meet any facility's needs. We have both negative and positive pressure burner configurations with aluminum or stainless steel reflectors. Our continuous and herringbone radiant systems allow multiple heater units to be combined in a single flued system, thus eliminating multiple roof penetrations. For hazardous duty locations, Ambi-Rad has developed a series of heaters with components that withstand even the most corrosive environment. Ambi-Rad control panels allow control of up to 20 zones per panel with off, day/night setback, and manual override programming that helps save valuable energy dollars.





Power Burner
Control Panels
Hazardous Duty